Luxury Footwear Brand, Bionda Castana Relaunches With A Sustainable Approach ~ featured in Forbes

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Felicity Carter. Published on March 15th, 2019

Established by Jennifer Portman and Natalia Barbieri, luxury brand Bionda Castana has been at the forefront of the global luxury footwear market since 2008. And good news, after a two-year hiatus they're back with a sustainable approach that celebrates their most beloved designs with a new direct-to-consumer, zero-waste strategy.

Their bestsellers such as the ‘Lana’ and the ‘Nicole’ are now offered on a made-to-order basis, yippee! That makes us happy, and it'll make all their famous followers happy too, as celebs from Keira Knightley and Eva Mendes to Kate Bosworth, Jessica Alba, Miranda Kerr, and Taylor Swift have all been spotted wearing their beauties.

Each month, four limited-edition styles from the brand’s archive will be available to buy via the Bionda Castana website. They're then made to order in Milan and delivered to the consumer, direct from the factory, within three weeks. By selling direct-to-consumer and making each pair using surplus material from the Bionda Castana library, the brand both eliminates the potential for waste and ensures a more accessible price point than previous collections. Co-founder, Barbieri tells us more about their new approach.

“We felt it was imperative to balance the need to create alongside the absolute necessity to preserve our planet too.” Natalia Barbieri 

Sum up the spirit of the brand…A perfect balance between British cool and Italian chic. 

Tell us about your new sustainable ethos and how it came about?After we temporarily closed in October 2016 and won back our brand in the autumn of 2017, one thing was clear - there were so many more brands that had launched in that period of time than we could have imagined and there was just A LOT of product. So if we were going to come back we needed to think about how our creative desires and preserving our planet could intertwine. Similarly, not being another brand that flooded the market with goods at the beginning of each season. We wanted to serve up items when we wanted, creating newness for a consumer who wanted to be engaged all year long.

Within these parameters, came about the realization that we hold onto a lot of fabric. Helping us achieve our goal of zero waste. After 15 years in business, we are able to utilize left-over fabrics, cut-ups and components at our factory (whom we still work with in Milan). So it is a considered purchase for the customer and the shoes we love never end up in a landfill as we never ‘overproduce’.

We believe this is what the future of fashion looks like.

Who is your customer? Refined, anti-tribe and a thinking woman.

Which is your signature shoe? We would have to say that it would be our ‘LANA’ pump, which we then translated into varying heel heights. Will forever be the shoe we are most recognized for. Once it hit the red carpet multiple times, the flow of news that followed turned it into the favorite and best seller. 

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Natalia Barbieri