L A N A // I C O N : 0 1 •

To date, Alighieri collections have always been created from the point of view of Dante; the lost poet in the selva oscura, unsure and slightly afraid.The Land of the Lawless shifts the perspective to that of the souls in hell: those who have no regard for order or rule.From the lustful to the heretics, the magicians to the thieves, this collection explores the childish, and often joyful nature of doing the wrong thing;of building our own world wherever we go. Silver is paired with gold; houses, crowns and swords are created from cardboard, only to be lit by a fame on a whim. Books are read, collected, neglected, even ripped apart. And this time, the virtuous Dante can only watch from the sidelines. 

The Alchemist Necklace is a delicate square fragment, depicting a joyful sinner, able to turn materials into gold. It sits on a short, 15 inch chain, resting above Alighieri's core layers. All our pieces are made to order and crafted in our London studios, through the process of lost wax casting. The Alchemist Necklace will be shipped within 1-2 working days.