HUGE congrats!

The website looks great -  love the imagery! 

I look forward to owning many more of your beautiful creations.

Mane x

(United Kingdom)

Dear Bionda Castana,

I hope my note finds you very well. 

I saw that Bionda Castana is re-launching – I read your mission statement and couldn’t agree more – THRILLED to see you reinvent and come back in this very positive and relevant way.

Thank you!

Erika x

(Hong Kong)

Hi BC Team!

Happy New Year!

Your shoes are stunning. Very excited to see you are back and that I can add to my collection once more!

Alexia x

(United Kingdom)

Hi Natalia + Jennifer,

They’ve arrived in all their glory! Don’t judge me but I cried ha! They’re unbelievably beautiful and perfect in ever sense of the word. They fit me like no other shoe and I’m so excited to wear them! 

I’ve reluctantly taken them off but aaaahhhh I can’t quite believe I’ve got my hands on a pair after so many years of wishing. 

Thank you so so much for all your help during this process, I’m already saving my pennies for another pair but think I might just get the honeymoon out of the way first!

No words will be enough

Kirsty xx 

(United Kingdom)

Hi Bionda Castana,

Wonderful to hear you are coming back to our lives! 

Good luck with your re-launch!

Natalie x

(United States)

Love your shoes so much, and the sustainable way you are producing them. I wish more brands worked like this.

Have a lovely evening and look forward to receiving my order!

Nanette x

(United Kingdom)